Professional Marine Elevator Services You Can Depend On

Annual Inspections, Load Test & Certifications

Elevators and related equipment are inspected annually. There are safety codes and for existing elevators and its equipment and you must meet that code at a minimum. Our engineers conduct inspections under, on top of and inside the cab, and all related elevator operations.

Our engineers will upon completion of the annual inspection issue a certificate that is valid for year from the date of issue.

New Elevators

Maintain guest’s satisfaction and keep a trendy, elegant look for the interior of your elevator. IME can help you with aesthetic and decorative upgrades for your elevator’s interior at a cost-effective rate. It can include relocation of fixtures, replacement of panels and lights, installation of emergency phone. We can custom design an amazing look for your old elevator and will work with your budget expectations.

Trouble Shooting & Repair

To reduce the time the elevator is shut down or avoid possibly paying for the cost of a service call to IME always make sure to have your annual inspections done every year. However, if your elevators were to shut down or not work properly IME’s engineers are ready to trouble shoot and propose a plan to fix it. We can order the supplies needed and come back out and fix the problem.

Spare Part Supply

IME works with suppliers worldwide and that makes spare parts very cost effective. We will get the brand names you need in a fast and efficient time frame. You don’t have to have us service your elevators to order parts from us.

Accident Investigation

A quick investigation and handling after a major accident is crucial and IME has engineers that can be dispatched within 24 hours. We can identify a mechanical failure of the elevator or human error. We are happy to cooperate with any inspection with external experts and a clear analysis of the cause will be established.

Consultant Services

IME is happy to provide our clients with the best in vertical transportation consulting services. From new construction to modernization and everything in between, we are here to help! Our conveniently located office in Fort Lauderdale are ready to travel worldwide and to give you the best possible service.